Monday, 14 December 2015


If you're hurting, lay it all on me.

Wearing SuperGurl's laced up top, colour block suede skirt from Taobao & boots from Charles & Keith

The lace up trend may be wearing off soon but who cares? There are so many different versions out there in the market but it's hard to find one that isn't too overtly sexy. Plunging deep Vs, tight corsets and revealing bodysuits – they don't go well with my lacking asset. Although I grudgingly admit that they're fun to wear sometimes but I was looking for something more understated that goes well with my everyday wear. This top from SuperGurl got the memo. 

Paired the top with an A-line colour block suede skirt that is garnering all the attention from me right now. I love the 90s school girl vibe it's giving off and it is also the most flattering cut for my body shape. Definitely stocking up more of these skirts. 

Lastly, stomping in my new Charles & Keith boots that I scored during the Black Friday sale. $20+ for these babies, I ain't even complaining. 

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