Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Not quite sure how to start off this post because it's been quite some time you guys. So much has passed since I last checked in. I'm obviously back from Japan and school has been in full swing. Took a second off to put together this photo story I've been hoping to create. To be honest, this erratic weather of constant rain and so much wetness have caused many plans to be put off or cancelled. Anyway, this CMEOCOLLECTIVE playsuit has been hiding in my closet for quite some time before I decided to bring it out to play last weekend. I just love the pleat details it has in the front and down the waist. And that colour. Such a gorgeous shade of peach. I hope you like this series, will be creating more in future! x

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


With my trip to Japan in less than a month away, it got me reminiscing about my previous trip to Boracay. 
Here are some of my favourite things to do on the island: 

On the last day of our trip, we were blessed with the view of the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen in my life. The colours swirled in the sky for a good 30 minutes before it left us all with a yearning heart for this quaint island. 

 To fully experience Boracay, going for an island tour is a must. It covers stops at several beaches and also includes a cliff-jumping opportunity for adrenaline seekers. My favourite island was Crystal Cove that guarantees you a picturesque view of the sea line. 

Water sports at a beach destination? DUH. Jet ski and parasailing are some of my preferred activities. If you can, I'd suggest parasailing with the sunset as your backdrop. Just imagine the sight you'd see! 

Not many travelers know this but alcohol in Boracay is dirt cheap. If alcohol is your thing, go ahead and have them all day long. I vaguely remember getting drunk on wine one night. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016


"Go to the Willy's Rock!", they'd say. Truly, the view there is the most spectacular. Situated at Station One, the Willy's Rock is the iconic statue of Boracay that you see most often on postcards. Compared to the other two stations, the sand there are much softer, which makes it a pleasure to walk in. And while you're taking in the picturesque view of the island, head to the famous Jonah's Fruit Shake Bar for some milkshakes! I personally recommend the mango one. 

The six days spent on this magical island was a much needed break from a year long of studies and work. It feels great not having to think of commitments for awhile. Will be blogging about the trip in series so do check back!